Heter Iska

Below are various Heter Iska forms- please consult with your Rav before executing

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Iska Contract - chatzi flexible- Maysharim F.docx

Standard Classic Heter Iska

Iska Contract Kulo Pekadon.docx

Kulo Pekadon Form- appropriate for higher rates

general iska sales.docx

General Heter Iska for Businesses- clients should be aware of the Iska, and it should preferably be referenced in each invoice

Operating Agreement General Iska Kulo Pekadon no personal liability.docx

General Heter Iska for partners to execute as part of an Operating Agreement


Simple Heter Iska- more familiar to many Attorneys

iska guarantor.docx

Heter Iska for Guarantors/Co-signer